About Us

Who we are

Craftsman Homes headquarters located in Reno, Nevada are central to most of the Western United States, which led us in reaching well beyond city limits. Most of our customers are in Northern Nevada, but we are prepared to do business just about anywhere else, including as far away as Alaska. We are a multi-awarded manufactured home company. We have all the services and professionals you need to make your home or development a turn key project.

Craftsman Homes offers many facets in the buying process of modular or manufactured home that adds value in your new home.

Meet the Team

Tim Richardson

General Manager

Lori Young

Sales Manager

Laura Galindo-Black

Sales Agent

Lynndell Frost

Sales Agent

Rosa Mejorado


Vince DiMaggio Jr.

Service Coordinator

Company Values


There are endless examples of factory-built homes that have been in continuous service for over 50, 60 and 70 years. One example: the homes built by National Homes through the midwest 50 years ago which originally sold for $7,000, $8,000 and $9,000 complete. These homes today are still in use and in its best condition, the only major change throughout the years has been that they have increased ten-fold in value. So if you’re worried your manufactured home wouldn’t last, fear not because it will still be functioning and serve you in years to come.

3D Tours

We aim to provide the ultimate shopping experience for all home-buyers interested in a KIT Home Builders West. In order to make it as fun and easy as possible to find your new home, we offer revolutionary 3D Home Tours on select floor plans. These unique and innovative virtual tours allow you to step inside a home and explore the space with a 360 degree view from any vantage point. Click on the “Floor Plans” tab and keep an eye out for the 3D Tour when browsing floor plans. Simply click the thumbnail to experience this one of a kind shopping experience.

Ease Of Financing

Due to factory-built homes positive track record, financing industry find them very easy to finance. For instance, when homeowner wants a certain plan from a factory with some variations, chances are, the local banker has seen or encountered it before and already knows the value of that particular. Bankers like the idea that factory-built homes are well insulated which means the ultimate buyer won’t go broke paying utility bills, and also the simplicity of the off-site construction process compared to constructions on-site. There are lots of financing options available.

What They Say About Us

I really like how they give you the price up front and no hassle to it. Also when we were there I didn't feel hassled at all just welcomed. I had some questions and they were answered. Great staff and a great place